Random Musings

An exhilarating ‘TATA HEXA EXPERIENCE’

Three ‘Happening’ events in the Capital at different places on the same day and one is surely spoilt for choice ! This is what happened the last weekend with me. Two literary festivals and the Tata Hexa Experience event and all the three on the 26th and 27th of November!! As we were planning to… Continue reading An exhilarating ‘TATA HEXA EXPERIENCE’

Random Musings

My Dear Zindagi – A letter to Life

Dear Zindagi, You must be surprised to read this letter from me as I don’t often pen down my thoughts.We have always had a rendezvous through my subconscious conversations with each other almost all the time. But then I am writing a letter to life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda , hence this surprising tribute to you-… Continue reading My Dear Zindagi – A letter to Life

Random Musings

Why do I take my ‘own’ time to review books?

Most of us love reading literature.Be it magazines, tabloids or books.Literature provides us entertainment in a form quite unlike a T.V or Video-Games can offer. Books are a personal favourite of many – out of the various literary modes.Book elevate us to a level where we start using the eyes of the mind to trigger… Continue reading Why do I take my ‘own’ time to review books?

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My little Secret Agent

‘As parents do we ever get holidays?’ I am sure you must be murmuring ‘Yes,No, hmmmm May be….’ after reading the question.Well, though I too don’t get one, I make sure like many of you- to enjoy and spend some well deserved time with family during holidays and ofcourse parenting goes on parallely!  Kids have… Continue reading My little Secret Agent