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Book # 34

For the simple reasons – that I love travelling, exploring new culture & places and that I am intrigued by ‘Bengalis’ , I opted to read and review this book!


The blurb gives a preview of this  interesting compilation of stories:

” Bengal Write Ahead’ was a contest organized by Facebook, in partnership with Rupa Publications, Red FM and Kolkata Bloggers. It invited people from all over the world to write about Bengal and submit their articles online. It was an attempt to see how Bengal is portrayed in the minds of people of various ages and backgrounds.

In Bengal Write Ahead, the top fifty pieces, chosen by an eminent jury, are brought together. Each one of the articles evokes a unique aspect of Bengal from cinema, art, sport, literature to the beauty of its landscape, the wonder that is Kolkata and the delectable range of its cuisine. The pieces examine Bengal’s past and also look to the future, to see where the state is headed in a new world.

Humorous, nostalgic and hopeful, Bengal Write Ahead evokes the very best of the Bengali people and their culture’.

The foreword by Derek O Brien , more or less beautifully sums up this book . The book is more of an anthology of nostalgia – ‘in and out’ about Bengal. It evokes a series of memories and a sense of belonging to both its visitors and Bengalis. I for one , was able to relate to some of the stories, though I have visited Calcutta just once that too decades back!

Each of the stories is an anecdote , celebrating everything wonderful about this vibrant city and is a perfect tribute to India’s Cultural Capital. I still don’t understand the logic behind shifting our country’s Capital from Calcutta to Delhi. I have many Bengalis as friends and I have always admired their adaptability and excellence in both academics and fine arts. They are so versatile! I personally find the Bengalis proficient in all the fields, very warm and friendly, very adaptable and oozing with love for their association with Bengal and taking pride in the celebrations surrounding the ‘Durga Pujo’.

Every story in the book makes the non- Bengali reader like me familiar with the city and its people and makes them see a connect to their own home towns! For example when I was reading the chapter ‘Bengal – The Land of Culture’ by Dahlia Ghosh, I was able to relate it with – the culture and people of Chennai, though I am a Tamizhian just by birth and have been completely brought up in Hyderabad. Tamizhians take immense pride in their language and are proficient in both academics and fine arts but where the Bengalis score over the Tamizhians is – I guess , in their ability to adapt! In their love for sea-food and adaptability- Bengalis and Keralites are on -par with each other! The below extract sums up the beauty of Bengal and its conscious effort to stay afloat in the mundane madness of today’s fast paced world!


Thanks to the stories ( though sometimes becoming repetitive) I got a sneak peek into the unknown facets about Calcutta and Bengal! The next time I am there, am sure to visit the ‘College Street’- as this place, time and again gets a mention amidst the 134 odd pages of the book. I would rather have this compilation handy than rely on some random ‘City Guide Books’!

On the other hand I so wished, the eight odd stories in the book , written in Bengali had been translated into English and presented alongside for Non-Bengali readers like me. In conclusion , I would like to put forth that the book has been well-edited and compiled, with an apt book cover that captures the essence of the City in its ‘writing quill and lines ‘ ( read ‘Strokes’) ! I loved the concept behind this book and wish the same is done for other cities with a rich historical past and culture heritage, thus evoking a sense of belonging among the readers!

I give this book a rating of 4/ 5

Title of the book : Bengal Write Ahead

Publishers : Rupa Publishers

Genre : Non-Fiction/ Anthology

Language : English & Bengali

Total Pages : 134


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