The Nightmare is for Real

Check all the Books Here   Name of the book: This Nightmare is for Real Author: Walter Salvadore Pereira Read some reviews: Shobana Bharat Jain Amazon Customer The Story: Dr. Shivendra Sharma, India’s renowned molecular biologist, and a Nobel laureate and Bharat Ratna recipient, achieves a breakthrough in Nano-biotechnology that could change the future of… Continue reading The Nightmare is for Real

Random Musings

My Dear Zindagi – A letter to Life

Dear Zindagi, You must be surprised to read this letter from me as I don’t often pen down my thoughts.We have always had a rendezvous through my subconscious conversations with each other almost all the time. But then I am writing a letter to life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda , hence this surprising tribute to you-… Continue reading My Dear Zindagi – A letter to Life