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My little Secret Agent

‘As parents do we ever get holidays?’ I am sure you must be murmuring ‘Yes,No, hmmmm May be….’ after reading the question.Well, though I too don’t get one, I make sure like many of you- to enjoy and spend some well deserved time with family during holidays and ofcourse parenting goes on parallely! 

Kids have their own network of information gathering and my little secret agent has been gathering info on ‘Places to visit in Delhi’ since his holidays started.Unfortunately and rightfully our trip to Hauz Khas did not interest or impress him and he has given a rating of 1 on a scale of 10 😂😂

Day before yesterday after his play time, my secret agent came up with a request to visit ‘Kidzania’! Thanks to ‘Google’ we had information handy and decided to take him to a place of interest.Not because he asked us but because this is our first ‘City’ posting after my son was born 😀 Also, we are very optimistic of NOT landing in a city , again in the next posting! 

So finally, we did take him to Kidzania yesterday.After reading up some of the reviews on Kidzania my husband took along two books for reading, where as I tagged along a book that I was almost half way through to read in the Delhi Metro!

And at the end of the day I realised that I hadn’t flipped even a page of the book.Why dint I get time to read the book and what we saw and did at Kidzania forms part of tomorrow’s post..A Day out at ‘KidZania’..Meanwhile leaving you all with the first glimpse of Kidzania through my lens!

First inkling of what to expect!
Colourful collage of what’s in…
The colourful entrance

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