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Gen-Next are much Sensible!

Yes, you read the title of this blog post right! If you thought that today’s children are irresponsible, careless, lack etiquettes, not very sensible then this post will make you re-think on this prejudice of yours.( By the way those are the adjectives I hear people use for Gen-Next)

I have been working as a lecturer for couple of years now and was a house wife for a decade, partly owing to the weird postings of my Husband and partly to bring up my child.( Yes, I prefer ‘House Wife’ than being farcely called a ‘Home Maker’ just to gain importance and add a feminist perspective to it)

I take immense pride for having brought up my son -single handedly without any assistance from helpers and sans help from family members most of the time.As we all know,children are keen observers of their surroundings and actions of people especially of their parents.

I remember , when my Son used to often fall sick and sometimes when he used to vomit and saw me cleaning up the mess – he would immediately apologise for troubling me and thank me! THIS at the tender age of 2 ! Because he had seen me and my husband using these Courtesy Words in our interactions. Now, please do not think that I am being very formal or saintly. WE are like any other normal nuclear family and we fight and make up :p


The point I am trying to drive home is that most of us in our daily hustle-bustle have forgotten to use the ‘Courtesy Words’ with strangers, helpers and family members and the same attitude spills down to the Gen-Next! 

I am fortunate to be interacting with some brilliant minds at work- I am talking about ‘KIDS’ here. Some children behave courteously while others don’t . I try to specially interact with the parents of the kids who are discourteous just to infer if their behaviour could be blamed upon their upbringing and in 9 out of 10 cases, I am right – the parents are themselves discourteous and rude in their speech.

In conclusion, I request the parents to set an example to their children by inculcating good-habits & moral values , using ‘Courtesy Words’ often even within the Family, so that we can mould the Gen-Next to be better citizens of the World.


8 thoughts on “Gen-Next are much Sensible!

  1. I totally agree with your methodology . How much ever you try to reinforce values into kids , they observe and learn faster . We are what we see , atleast when it comes to kids.
    Thats why not just the right actions , words and behaviour go a long way. My concern is when they step into a world that doesnt give these values as much importance .. thats when the real test starts 🙂

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    1. I know…apart from the values I guess we also need to make our kids Street-smart nowadays! This is one rue of my own upbringing and I keep telling this to my parents.They instilled in me values like honesty n loyalty but never prepared me to be Street smart but thanks to NCC n my first job at 20,I sort of learnt to be one but still very uncomfortable !😊


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