Random Musings

A Man’s Quest

As darkness engulfs and the God of Death meets me,
I pray thee my Lord
Will you grant me my last wish,my uttered word?

I want to be reborn a girl !
I see girls sitting around doing nothing like an Oyster’s pearl
Enough of being a Man,
As all the burden of the world falls only on a Man

I see the princesses spend all day in vanity
While the princes fight it out among their fraternity
The Women make sure they gain sympathy
While a Man has no chance even for empathy

I say this,While this birth of a bachelor comes to an end,
And before the beginning of my next errand

    “Thou shall be granted !” uttered the God on the bull
‘You shall be reborn as wanted,live life to your full’

And so my journey into the feminal world Starts.

I reach the womb of my mother excitedly
However,she goes through the testing months apprehensively
I keep wondering ‘Why does she love me secretly?’
While my father despises me openly?!

Then,one day I experience strong vibrations
My mother is speaking to the doctor with complete perturbation
She pleads with the doctor about something
I am unable to hear it clearly as my ears are still developing

But I can feel that my mother isn’t feeling well
I know this for sure,because we share the same umbilical
I think it must be regarding some issue,
So I cuddle up inside the protective womb,with nothing to pursue

I start dreaming about the beautiful costumes I shall wear,
Having lived my previous birth in just a couple of formal wear!
I remember how I wanted to be reborn a girl,
As I saw girls sitting around doing nothing but treated as if they are oyster’s pearl!

A girl?! I just heard my father shout
I can now hear as my ears have since developed
Soon,I could taste a liquid of strange composition
Though I never knew I was nearing induced annihilation

Once again as darkness engulfs me and the God of Death meets me
I cry
“I pray thee my Lord
Will you grant me my last wish,my uttered word?”

I plead that I was wrong to think,
That Women are favoured,when some of them die even before they blink
This time around,I want to be reborn as a Sensible Man,
Who looks after his Mother and loves and cuddles his Woman

“Thou shall be granted !” uttered the God on the bull and grimly said
‘I am glad that you have finally understood”
Then I realised that women are to be worshipped and loved
But for them,this world would be so void and unloved

I still don’t understand how can parents annihilate a girl
When they should be nurturing her like an Oyster does to its pearl!
My previous birth has been a saga of unreturned love,
But now I shall beget and fight for girls and undo the love ‘unreturned’

These lines form the very first Poem I have ever attempted.It is written for a writing prompt entry on the theme of ‘Unreturned Love’.Do leave your feedback !


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