Himachal Diaries

Trek Along A Wooded Trail :

For a month after we landed in Dalhousie,we restricted ourselves to long walks along the Thandi Sadak and the Garam Sadak.’Sadak’ basically refers to a road in Hindi.These two sadaks form a sort of noose around the hill on which we dwell! Also,most of the shopping and eating  joints are along these two sadaks. So inevitably we started gaining pounds and losing rupees!That is when we thought of taking a break from our regular walking trail and instead started going for long treks on paths less taken!

Our very first trek was on a weekend,through a wooded beauty.This trek passed through a Tourist spot called Subash Bowli.Subash bowli is supposed to be the spot where Subash Chandra Bose-the great Indian Freedom fighter frequented and it is believed that the water from the bowli cured him of his Tuberculosis.(Dalhousie in the past,served as a sanatorium for TB patients during the British era)

We kept trekking along the trail for another 4kms mesmerized by the surroundings which kept infusing in energy,for us to keep going.We were walking through nature in midst of huge oaks and deodhars protecting and shading us and the countless number of birds which were chirping around. Enroute, we saw colourful hamlets,terrace gardens and farms which accessorized the lovely path.

Later we met an old lady who was very friendly and started chatting along.She seemed to be on her regular dose of walk.She informed us that she was a Bengali and that she and her husband had decided to settle here,after a visit to this place as tourists! Another piece of info. that she gave was that -there are a number of Bengali families around! After resisting umpteen requests and invitations from her for ‘some tea’,we bid her good bye and continued with our trek.

A little while later , we realized that the single path on which we were trekking started divulging into a fork! We were told by the local people that the narrow path onto the left of us,leads to ‘Jandhrighat’ palace- the summer palace of the erstwhile Chamba rulers and the road onto the right will take us to ‘Karelun’ from where Dalhousie gets its share of water supply, which was still 4kms ahead of us.On this trek, what we saw mesmerized us and we vowed to come back the very next weekend on the same trek as we were too exhausted to move any further.While returning back home,as it was nearing sunset,the clouds started ‘hanging’ around the hillocks and hamlets and also far away over the Pir Panjal ranges,signalling the start of the ‘snowfall’ over the ranges.Here are some glimpses of the clouds romancing the hillocks and hamlets leaving behind some evidence of a ‘white carpet’ over the PirPanjal- ‘unfiltered’!


Hope you enjoyed this trek as much as I did…Keep trekking 🙂

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