Himachal Diaries

A Colonial Experience!

Nestled among the lower ranges of the Himalayas known by the name of Dhauladhar, facing the majestic PirPanjal ranges, away from the maddening lives of the city and its dwellers is a majestic hill station in Himachal which boasts of a rich colonial heritage and stories. This small, sleepy and sluggish town may not be able to compete with its famous counterparts like Shimla or Manali.


However, it has found a place among the rich and the educated lot of the surrounding states, who flock here during the weekends to meet their progeny and the Generation Next studying in the handful of prestigious educational institutions(boarding schools) of the town. This bijou of a hill station forested with Oak and Deodars all around, is named after one of the youngest Governor General of India. Yes, you guessed it right! This quaint town is ‘Dalhousie’  which has been our home for the last 20 months.


Dalhousie was a welcome escape for our family from the scorching heat of a nondescript border town in the heart of the Thar desert(our previous home for 2 years)! After an exciting yet tedious drive of more than three hours from Pathankot, we finally reached our destined home for the next couple of years. We landed in this picturesque town just before the snowy and chilly winters, that would set in soon in a couple of months. The very first shocker were the very narrow  and serpentine roads of this place as compared to the wide and smooth as butter- roads of Rajasthan( and ofcourse severe bouts of motion sickness for the very first time).But the excitement of a hill station stay for atleast a couple of years, boosted and overshadowed the rest!


The first day went away in acclimatizing to the clime and altitude of the place. Soon, we were busy setting up our new dwelling. For the next one month or so, we were shuttling to and fro from here to down south. Finally, we settled in our new home just before December.Soon,long walks and treks became a part of our daily schedule. The salubrious surroundings  and the breathtaking views of the valley down below along the trailand the town in itself ,made the walks all the more soothing and enjoyable.. Here are some amateur snaps from our morning walks !

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6 thoughts on “A Colonial Experience!

  1. A really good post, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Your description about the colonial heritage of Dalhousie is well thought out, and the writing is crisp and amazing. Keep writing! 😀


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