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Swad Sanskriti

Food and Beverage Buzz to Organise SWAD SANSKRITI Exploring Indian Culture through CULTURAL GASTRONOMY    26 November 2017,  The Radisson Blu, Paschim Vihar   New Delhi, 5th November 2017: Hon’ble Minister of Culture, Government of India Dr Mahesh Sharma will inaugurate SWAD SANSKRITI, a celebration of food culture and philosophy. Organised by Food and Beverage… Continue reading Swad Sanskriti



Five Known Facts about Jaipur Literature Festival – A Rewind!

The raging debate on Twitter a couple of days back- over the invitation of the RSS Speakers to the Jaipur Literature Festival 2017 left me perplexed! We, as a society have made sure ‘Hatred’ and ‘Arrogance’ supersedes our ‘Intelligence and Rationality’. This in turn has resulted in ‘Politics: based on religion, creed and caste’ gaining… Continue reading Five Known Facts about Jaipur Literature Festival – A Rewind!


The Broken Home

Check all the Books Here      Name of the book: The Broken Home Author: Lopamudra Banerjee Read some reviews: 1. Anirban Nanda 2. Sarmita Dey  3. Niranjan Navalgund  The Story: An English translation of Rabindranath Tagore’s novella, ‘Nastanirh’, which was aptly filmed by ace filmmaker, Satyajit Ray as Charulata. You can buy the book @ amazon.in | amazon.com | amazon.co.uk… Continue reading The Broken Home